So! You want to be British

So! You want to be British

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This book is a collection of more than fifty blogs posted by the author over a two year period. Cultural events, national treasures, famous and ordinary people who made the news illustrate what it means to live in Great Britain and to call oneself British.

Most articles are quite short with more than a touch of irreverent humour and read together explain what being British really means.

Read about cultural events that take place on May Day such as Penky Follar, famous and ordinary people like Billy Bunter, Desperate Dan and Judge Michael Argyle who once sentenced a football hooligan to life imprisonment. Eccentric clergymen and debates over sex shops appear here as well as a history of the Halifax gibbet and Tiddlywinks.

You can view examples of the blogs by using the links in the right hand sidebar. All pages are on this site.

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Buy it now from this site!! £0.79, three formats, no leaving the site. Download from here.