Insults – Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Insults: old, new, borrowed, blue

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Over 750 insults from the well known to the never heard of; from the famous to the anonymous, from newspapers and TV to long forgotten and folded magazines.

They are all here. Some of these will make you smile, laugh, perhaps cringe; all of them (well nearly all of them) are repeatable in company. Many have never been placed in an anthology before.

Here you will find words of wisdom spoken or written by some of the best literary geniuses to have employed the English language.

Of course, there are also examples of people who would have done better keeping their thoughts to themselves, not being blessed with perfect delivery.

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From Dean Acheson to Frank Zappa and everybody in between. Such as some that could be directed towards this book:

The sort of book that once put down you can’t pick up again.
Sir Maurice Bowra, English literary critic

You’re going to like this…..not a lot.
Paul Daniels, magician

If books can be said to smell; this one smells of stale beds and damp sheets.
Eamon Dunphy, Millwall footballer

This has the style of being knocked up on a condemned typewriter in a garden shed in Wapping.
FOUL Magazine

From the moment I picked up your book till the moment I put it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend to read it.
Groucho Marx

I do not claim to be a literary critic but I know dirt when I smell it and here it is in heaps – putrid heaps which smell to high heaven.
W Charles Pilley

We are not amused.
Queen Victoria

Like German opera. Too long and too loud.
Evelyn Waugh

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Buy it now from this site!! £0.79, three formats, no leaving the page.