The Fordhamton Trilogy

The Fordhamton Trilogy

These three books comprise the odd happenings in the small town of Fordhamton following the death of local businessman and councillor, Alan Price. Links to all books can be found below. Three books are also available in one volume – the Fordhamton Trilogy.  Books are available from all major distributors whose links can be found on the relevant page.

A Little Local Affair

The death of Alan Price which is unproven as murder, suicide or accident sets off a series of strange and unusual events in the small town of Fordhamton. Fraud, politics and sex are never far from the surface but for Detective Inspector Steve Harley they remain a mystery to outsiders like him.  The very odd conclusion is brought about by his much disliked Detective Constable; a conclusion that amazes everyone.

Return to Fordhamton

All Tim Rice wants to do is to get back to Oates Hall, his company training base. Instead he gets caught up on a series of criminal events which despite his innocence the police return him to Fordhamton each time. Meanwhile the Mayor and two Councillors are trying desperately to contain the sex scandal about to break in the town following the publication of Arthur Brown’s will.

The Last Resort

The Mayor’s wonderful plan for the first Fordhamton Arts Festival gets off to a bad start when the stand-in for the school play gets murdered on stage. Newly promoted Detective Sergeant Davis finds a novel way of integrating himself with the town and the case by taking a part in The Real Inspector Hound himself. Not before he has managed to upset the local American surveillance station and fallen in love with the leading lady.

Fordhamton – a Guide

A brief guide to the town and the people who live there.