The Russian Doll

The Russian Doll by John Barber
The Russian Doll

Councillor Bob Ball’s references to the Russian side of his family were always taken with a large pinch of salt. Until his Russian wife turned up at his funeral.

Then strange things begin to happen in Rutherford.

The County Archivist is found murdered in the second basement of the Council Offices and the Finance Director of the Redbourne Brewery falls victim to a hit and run.

Detective Inspector Steve Winwood comes up against a wall of silence from the community as he begins to suspect that the application for a new supermarket on the outskirts of town is at the centre of the motive for the two murders.

Even his new found friend, the Reverend Janice Paige seems to be holding back on important information. Then a third body appears and with Winwood’s mind distracted his new Detective Constable Emma Porter gets involved in an affair that could bring her new found promotion to a quick end.

As more secrets are revealed Winwood likens his investigation to lifting up one half of a Russian doll and finding a deeper secret within. Winwood can trust no one as everyone seems to have a reason to stay quiet about what they might know.

Then Emma finds an important link and the fourth body gives up the answer contained within the Russian doll.

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