D.I. Winwood Mysteries

The following books form the Inspector Winwood Murder Mysteries collection. Books are listed below where you will find a longer synopsis and links to all major distributors.

Colours of the Underground

A recluse found on top of a waste site and property company that will use any methods available to develop the site. The battle rages over the proposed demolition of the Green Man public house. Another body is found in his cab and Winwood has to put pressure on the local council to unravel the case.

The Cricket Club Murders

One victim had a stake though his heart, the next a silver bullet cocktail and the third a garlic meal laced with poison. Winwood does not believe in the supernatural and finds his way through the tortuous minefield of Rutherford’s social elite to unmask the most unlikely killer.

Seven Days in May

The local MP finds himself in an embarrassing sexual encounter resulting in a by election. Winwood is desk bound and his sergeant goes undercover with an intelligence office when a threat to the Prime Minister is taken seriously. The killing of a retired pop idol and a friendship with a man coming home to die leads Winwood to resolve the murder and the intelligence threat.

The Russian Doll

The murder of the Council archivist, the Town Clerk and the Secretary of the local brewery appear totally unrelated. Winwood finds a strange link between them all which involves Church land and a series of alliances that bind all three victims together. With the help of his new Constable and the local vicar Winwood uncovers the plot but not before a fourth death occurs.

Murder at the Fleetwood

The Murder Mystery Weekend at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel gets off to a bad start when one of the guests is murdered. Winwood is surrounded by would be detectives in costume and confused by the sexual activities of the local amateur theatre group. His constable goes undercover as a would be chorus girl but cannot help prevent a second murder at the Treasure Island Theme Night.

The Book of Life

The benefactor of the Football Club is murdered whilst the rest of the committee are upstairs. There are many who might benefit by this death but the rules of the club are a smokescreen for more deeper financial activities and nothing aggravates Winwood more than rules he doesn’t understand.

When the Dead Rise Up

The discovery of a 300 year old skeleton and a more recent 30 year old body underneath the town fountain means Winwood has to re-open an old unsolved murder case. It could mean that his and the reputation of other senior officers could be compromised. The two deaths are linked but not before some old scars and rivalries in the town cause a lot of memories to be awoken.

The naked cellist

The first Rutherford Arts Festival brings together acts from the bizarre to the totally unwatchable. Winwood is not a patron of the Arts and some very odd mishaps leads him to investigate a lifetime of hurt and unrequited love and a sad and untimely end.

John Barleycorn Must Die

Men In Black are real. They exist. They are not the heroes of Hollywood films. No one knows who they work for, the State or even aliens. They certainly give DCI Winwood food for thought along withe the folk legend of John Barleycorn, unidentifiable corpses, Chinese breweries and more than one financial scam.


When Alan Price the most unpopular man in Fordhamton is found dead in a hotel room there is no shortage of suspects who might be responsible for adding a truth drug to his drink. Winwood finds that both MI5 and the CIA have an interest in Price and his manufacturing company. His new sergeant Miles Davis soon has a grip on the finances of the case but it is Winwood’s search for the agent codenamed Kaos that leads him to unmasking the killer.

The Marlowe Papers

An imaginary literary what-if mystery. At the opening of The Shed Community Theatre Lucien Wadsworth a Shakespearean lecturer is found dead in the gents toilet. Murder or accident? As DCI Winwood digs into Wadsworth’s past it seems he is not what he is. Is the Christopher Marlowe manuscript that he had discovered also a fraud? Winwood hits a wall of silence amongst the sponsors of The Shed.

This is a background to the fictional English town of Rutherford and to Inspector Winwood himself.