The Cricket Club Murders

The cricket club murders
The Cricket Club Murders

The first victim was a retired schoolteacher with a wooden stake through his heart.

The second was an attractive female student who had swallowed a deadly silver bullet cocktail.

Detective Inspector Steve Winwood did not believe in vampires, werewolves or the supernatural.

Then the bank manager was poisoned with garlic and the odds shortened on a vampire slayer running amok in Rutherford.

The victims all had a connection with the Cricket Club, the letter ‘C’ seemed to mean something. Winwood’s best friend Brian Bennett the local newspaper editor, was convinced that a serial killer was targeting his victims based on a hand of Happy Families.

Winwood’s attention shifted between the owner of a local computer software company, a smart talking banker and the Rutherford Photographic Society. Then a fourth body turned up who was certainly not what they seemed. Winwood got his first break.

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