Hertford – a collection of articles

Hertford – a collection of articles

The following articles have been published in various magazines and/or written specifically for this site.

Hidden Hertford – maps and guides to hidden Hertford

Hertford – a short guide to the county town

Folly Island

Folly Island in photos – 1976 and as it is now

The Old Barge public house on Folly Island

A short history of brewing in Hertford

The origins of Easter Sunday – the commemorative stone stands in Hertford Castle

Fore Street, Hertford – a photographic tour

Hertford Library and the listed phone box

Eccentric clergymen of Hertfordshire

Hertford 1861 – as recorded in Bradshaws Railway Guide

The Tunnels of Hertford – a secret underground network?

My Hertford blog which covers the conflict in town over Bircherley Green Shopping Centre and other political and social unease can be found from the posts listed on the right or from my Home Page