Childhood Eczema

Childhood eczema

Childhood Eczema – synopsis and purchase details

Childhood eczema in its early stages can be recognised by red patches in the folds of skin behind arms and legs; and can be easily confused with nappy rash in early stages.

The condition makes the child scratch the affected area causing the infection to spread.  The child feels uncomfortable, miserable and in extreme cases very distressed.

Childhood eczema is usually treated with a course of anti-bacterial creams and emollients to soften the skin.

The author has based this book on the experiences of treating his own daughter who suffered from chronic childhood eczema but is now free of any lasting effects.

Parents are encouraged to embark along a more natural and holistic course of treatment. This involves the exclusion of additives and colourings in foods (once printed as e-numbers) known to cause eczema.

The usual recommended creams are discarded in favour of oil of evening primrose and now seen as really beneficial, pure aloe vera.

Along with sections on diet and medication, natural fibres such as cotton and leather are recommended for clothing and the cleaning of homes with baking soda (bicarbonate of soda).

This book is specifically aimed at children as eczema can continue into adulthood and often leads to other symptoms such as hay fever and asthma.

Therefore there is a lot of information in this book  that might also be of use to adults who also suffer from skin complaints  such as eczema or psoriasis.

Food labels especially do not now state the ‘e-number’ but the actual chemical ingredient. This new edition features an alphabetical list of all food additives along with their E numbers.

This list is an invaluable guide to what you are actually buying and eating when shopping in supermarkets or even the corner shop.

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