I live on Folly Island in the middle of Hertford. The photos below were taken on 1 April when the cherry trees in Thornton Street are just coming into blossom. It is a pretty sight and you don’t get many opportunities because the blossom on the older trees is almost fallen by the time that it appears on the newer trees.

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The Mystery Professor

The Mystery Professor

Paul Arthur Crafton was dubbed ‘The Mystery Professor’ by the media in the Eastern States of America after found to be teaching at numerous Universities under a series of aliases and false qualifications. Credit cards and other materials for creating multiple identity theft were found in one of his many apartments. Why did Crafton, a man dedicated to his family and well educated, turn to crime?

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This is an artists impression of the new Bircherley Green development looking north towards the Lea Navigation and Riverside.

There are a few problems with this.

North towards Riverside

This is a great misrepresentation. The new apartments will dwarf Riverside. The artist’s impression does not show the Lea Navigation or Riverside and tries to indicate that size does not matter. The real problem is that the photo above clearly shows Market Street as could be seen from Lane’s side window and the clock on Shire Hall and the Fore Street skyline quite visible. See full post: A Room with a View.

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Hidden Hertford Curios

A snuffer

A snuffer or to use its proper term a link extinguisher can be found on the wall of the former Beckwiths Antique Shop in St Andrew Street. A link was a pitch torch to help pedestrians on the footpaths during the seventeenth and eighteenth centur

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