I live on Folly Island in the middle of Hertford. The photos below were taken on 1 April when the cherry trees in Thornton Street are just coming into blossom. It is a pretty sight and you don’t get many opportunities because the blossom on the older trees is almost fallen by the time that it appears on the newer trees.

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When a butterfly flaps its wings in Fordhamton there is a hurricane in New England.

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The Fall and Rise of Bircherley Green

The changing skyline from my back bedroom window; and the shape of things to come.

When the apartments are built

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21 April – 21 May

Taurus – The Bull Inn, Much Hadham

Happily your opinion of yourself is shared by others.

Can introduce originality and good humour into any gathering and drink in moderation.

Though positive in many ideas and prejudices, you have an open mind and mouth regarding drink.

Have been known to order whatever the others are drinking rather than exert the effort of making an alternative decision.

Might pay for a round out of turn rather than break up a good session.

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