I live on Folly Island in the middle of Hertford. The photos below were taken on 1 April when the cherry trees in Thornton Street are just coming into blossom. It is a pretty sight and you don’t get many opportunities because the blossom on the older trees is almost fallen by the time that it appears on the newer trees.

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Chase New Homes have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate over Condition No 15 in the Planning decision from EHDC

This relates to Delivery and Servicing ie the mix of vehicles and pedestrians.

Saxons and Vikings battling it out on Hertford Castle heritage Day, 12th September 2021

The full post here: Chase Homes appeal decision.

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Maidens Head, Whitwell
Virgo – The Maidens Head, Whitwell

Many total abstainers are born under this sign, but statistics happily reveal that their number is diminishing. You are methodical, perhaps a little too cautious, with a certain faddiness about food and drink. You know your own mind but underestimate your capabilities. Propitious for change – garage the car, order another round, become a good mixer. Postpone your journey.

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Hidden Hertford Curios

Plaque on wall of Health Centre in Bull Plain

This commemorative plaque can be found on the wall of the Health Centre in Bull Plain. If you look closely you will see the six holes where a board was placed during World War 2 to cover any clue as to its location in the event of a enemy invasion.

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