Views of Folly Island, Hertford; where I live

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When a butterfly flaps its wings in Fordhamton there is a hurricane in New England.

Kaos by John Barber

When the most unpopular man in town is found dead in a hotel room there is no shortage of suspects. His lunch appointment is discovered to be an agent from MI5. Then a CIA agent is found dead outside his factory. Why are they both interested in the director of a small manufacturing company in a small English town? DI Winwood is once more plunged into the murky world of undercover operations.

Read the full synopsis here and see ordering details.

Ebook Week

Five of my books are part of ‘Read and Ebook Week’. They can be downloaded at Smashwords.

Some have been discounted to half-price and one is free. This promotion will run from March 7 to March 13 2021 only and is only at Smashwords; the coupon code will not work on any other site.

The five books entered are: Colours of the Underground (half price), John Barleycorn Must Die (half price), When the Dead Rise Up (free), The Tunnels of Hertford (half price) and The Mysterious Death of Sarah Stout (half price).

Thank you for taking part.

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The Fall and Rise of Bircherley Green

The changing skyline from my back bedroom window; and the shape of things to come.

When the apartments are built

The full post here: the fall and rise of Bircherley Green

Sign of the Month


20 February – 20 March

Pisces – Fish and Eels, Dobbs Weir, Hoddesdon

Your eyes immediately betray the extent of your drinking but your legs seldom let you down. You might tell the story of a broken heart after the ‘eighth’ but normally you are an intelligent listener. You have a fish like thirst which is never sated. Always adaptable you find have the ability to find solace in odd company and places, but prefer drinking in plush surroundings.

All twelve zodiac signs are now featured on a set of birthday and greetings cards for just £1.99 including envelope and postage:

View all twelve signs

You can view all photos and all readings for the twelve signs of the zodiac in my latest slim volume: A Drinkers Horoscope from Amazon.