John Barber, Author of Hertford, Herts, UK

John Barber, Author of Hertford, Herts, UK

John Barber is an author, writer and researcher from Hertford, the county town of Hertfordshire in the UK.

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Latest release from John Barber: The Mysterious Death of Sarah Stout.

The Mysterious Death of Sarah Stout


At 10.45pm on Monday 13th March 1699 Sarah Stout left the White Lion coffee house in Hertford in the company of Spencer Cowper. At six o’clock the next morning her  body was found floating in the River Lea.

Cowper was accused of her murder. The trial verdict  in July 1699  left no satisfactory answers as to means, motive or suspect.

The Mysterious Death of Sarah Stout presents the last hours of Sarah Stout. She was in love with a man she could not have. Some thought her death was suicide, some held fast to the charge of murder; this book reveals the truth.

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