John Barber, Author of Hertford, Herts, UK

John Barber, Author of Hertford, Herts, UK

John Barber is an author, writer and researcher from Hertford, the county town of Hertfordshire in the UK.

19th January 2020 23rd December – 20 January is represented by Capricorn the Goat. Original zodiac greetings card for this sign and others can be found here.

Latest release from John Barber:

Hidden Hertford

A full colour 24 page booklet covering the original Hidden Hertford tour around Hertford.

This new version includes maps of the routes around town, a look at some of the old pubs no longer in existence that have left their mark; and locations of some of Hertford’s more famous ghosts.

Details of this plus a free copy of the original map,  a Google map and links to Blurb where the booklet cam be purchased from here.


The Fordhamton Trilogy

The Inspector Winwood Murder Mysteries


Business, Memoir and other published books

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