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The relationship between traders, politicians and other concerned residents in the small English town of Fordhamton is very much a local affair. Everything was just fine until the day Alan Price died. Suicide or murder? But nothing will ever be the same again.

A Little Local Affair by John Barber

The strange circumstances of Alan Price’s death in a car crash is just the first in a series of bizarre events.

Detective Inspector Harley is not convinced that it was suicide.

As his investigations continue he finds that although no one actually liked Alan Price no one was desperate enough to want him dead.

In fact most people had more to gain whilst he was alive.

Price’s ex-wife stands to lose her inheritance, his business fails and the staff are flung into unemployment, the Football Club faces extinction; and a by-election for a Town Council seat has to be called which no one wants to contest.

Harley becomes a spectator in the bars and coffee shops, watching silently as more than one conspiracy begins to flourish. The problem is unscrambling exactly what it is that the various townspeople are plotting, or hiding from the investigation.

Petty vandalism, arson and a dead American Private Investigator just make the situation more confused. It is his humourless partner Detective Constable Davis who finds a solution that surprises everybody.

This is the first part of the Fordhamton Trilogy.

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