A Little Local Affair

A Little Local Affair

This is an abridged and much amended version of the book first published in 2011. It still follows the police investigation into the sexual, political and economic affairs following the death of Alan Price in Fordhamton, a small English town. Price is killed when his car hits a brewery dray in a quiet country lane. Although he died of a fatal heart attack his irrational actions were found to have been caused by the discovery of an unknown drug in his system. Suspicion falls on the woman he had lunch with in the Crazy Horse Hotel but she cannot be traced. When eventually located her version of events seem reasonable to Harley; but as he and DC Miles Davis start interviewing those close to Alan Price they find that no one actually liked the man, maybe not enough to want him dead but preferably out of the way. Then graffiti starts appearing in town and someone sets fire to Alan Price’s factory. Harley is promoted to a job in London and Davis continues to suspect that there are more affairs and conspiracies in town than first thought following the death of Alan Price. Such as a fraud in the Bank being conducted under his radar. He continues to dig further to unmask the most unlikely prime suspect behind the graffiti, arson and physical attacks on the Mayor and a fashion model.

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