Seven Days in May

Seven Days in May

When the Rutherford Member of Parliament is found in a sexually compromising situation he is forced to resign sparking a by-election. An advert in the local newspaper is decoded by Government sources to be notice of an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister who is due to visit Rutherford during the election campaign.

Detective Inspector Steve Winwood is told to remain at his desk to filter all intelligence reports whilst his sergeant Archie Tibble is seconded to Inspector Ruth Coleman on surveillance duties. Before they assume their new roles Les Wade a reclusive rock star is found dead in his home shot in the head in the style of an execution. Winwood can find no motive, suspect or reason for the killing.

Archie and Ruth keep a close watch on the social and political events in town and try not to let their professional relationship become a sexual one. Winwood is allowed more time to investigate the Wade killing before the Area Murder team take over and slowly uncovers Wade’s past. He befriends a dying man in the Fleetwood Arms Hotel and with the latter’s guidance uncovers a Government’s involvement in a cover-up of a murder over 30 years previously, how it led to the killing of Les Wade and a thirty year old secret romance.

Archie and Ruth are at the centre of these events but Archie is not aware of Ruth’s involvement in Winwood’s investigation and the threat to their relationship.

Caution: explicit sexual content from the beginning.

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