Seven Days in May

Seven days in May

When a reporter from the Rutherford Echo accidentally stumbles into a hotel room he finds the local MP engaged in a compromising sexual position.

The room was being used to shoot a promotional film for clothing and accessories for the discerning adult.

The MP is forced to resign causing a by-election.

The town of Rutherford is known to reflect the mood of the country at election times so a lot of energy is put into the campaign by all political parties.

Detective Inspector Winwood is forced to cancel his leave and accept a desk job as a Liaison Officer for the security services who have been put on alert once the Prime Minister announces that he is due to support the Party campaign in the town.

Detective Sergeant Tibble is sent undercover with intelligence officer Inspector Ruth Coleman to check on any activity in the town itself. Winwood’s frustration is tempered by the discovery of a reclusive pop star found murdered with a chilling similarity to an unsolved murder case from thirty years previous.

Whilst Winwood finds helpful guidance from a terminally ill guest at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel Tibble finds romance with his female superior. As tension over the PM’s visit slowly increases Winwood uncovers vital clues to solve both murders despite being committed so many years apart.

Caution: explicit sexual content from the beginning.

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