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Fifty business ideas

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The following fifty business ideas (actually there are 51) are drawn from real life. This is not a ‘how to’ manual or ‘step by step’ guide but stories of real businesses in the 1980’s that were featured in newspaper articles. They are presented here to act as a spark for your own imagination.

There are no ‘how to’ sections or ‘step by step guides’ but occasional guidance about how to proceed.

Most of these ideas are businesses that have been carried out successfully but a few failures are included in the hope that everyone can learn something from someone else’s disaster; and turn that into a success story.

You can view a sample here which opens in a new window. Preview – The Leisure Business. If you need Acrobat Reader for this preview it is free and can be downloaded here.

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Some ideas should be treated with no little caution. Proceed with care as the legality is not ensured and experiment with others at your own risk.

Chapter Index

The Leisure Business
Business to Business
Customer Research
Social Networking
Working with Animals
Inventions (failed)
Proceed with these with extreme caution


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Buy it now from this site!! £0.79, three formats, no leaving the page. Download here