Murder at the Fleetwood

Murder at The Fleetwood

The Murder Mystery Weekend at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel is thrown into chaos when one of the guests is murdered.

The first thing DI Steve Winwood discovers is that many of the guests are members of the Rutherford Operatic And Dramatic Society (ROADS) and they all have solid alibis for the time of death; they were asleep. The deceased Martin Protheroe had switched rooms with Brian Stirling a member of ROADS. The Amdram group used this and similar events to indulge in swinging weekends.

DC Emma Porter goes undercover and auditions for the chorus in ROADS’ upcoming production of South Pacific. She attends the Fleetwood Arms Hotel’s Treasure Island themed weekend as the guest of Brian Stirling and finds herself sat on the same table where another actor suffers a fatal anaphylactic shock.

Winwood continues to dig deeper into the lives and loves of ROADS and the secret life of Martin Protheroe. In a classic Agatha Christie style dénouement he gathers all the cast back at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel to uncover the culprit behind both murders.

Caution: This book contains references to adult sexual behaviour.

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