Return to Fordhamton

Return to Fordhamton

All Tim Rose wanted was to get back to the final night of the Bank’s training course at Oates Hall. He had been sent out on a straight forward initiative test. Then one disaster followed another.

He was arrested as the Fordhamton Flasher, rounded up along with a van load of vagrants and then taken into custody on suspicion of being an international terrorist. The last occasion as a result of being caught up with Melinda and is involved in a minor Bonnie and Clyde style crime wave. Each time he found himself being sent back to Fordhamton by various county police forces. Finally Judy Collins the local reporter took him home where he succumbed to a fever.

The senior Fordhamton Town Councillors were unaware of his problems as they had plenty of their own, starting with Pie Sunday thrown into doubt with the reading of Arthur Brown’s will. His specific requests threatened to expose one affair and lay bare the strange sexual habits of seemingly normal people but none more so than those of the aged pensioner Arthur Brown himself.

Tim Rose tried again to return to Oates Hall but it was closed owing to a highly contagious infection. It was assumed that Tim was the unsuspecting carrier and top secret search was instigated to find him. The police top brass sent for acting Inspector Miles Davis to sort out these problems sending shock waves through the police force itself and the residents of Fordhamton who had plenty to hide from him since the death of Alan Price.

Finally Tim Rose’s search for home, the investigation by Davis and the finalising of Arthur Brown’s come together in a weird but very wonderful conclusion.

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