1980’s Britain – Bedroom habits

What we do in bed

A  poll taken by Crown Paints in 1980 uncovered the following bedroom habits of the British.

41% men and 17% women sleep naked.

50% keep windows open all winter, regardless of temperature.

16% people were up by 6.30am compared with 1% in 1958

14% up after midnight compared to 2% in 1958

30% sleep under a duvet but 40% in Scotland and 27% in the Midlands.

Although most people state that red, pink and black make for the most sexiest bedroom colour schemes, few actually implement this colour scheme.

The British choice of bedroom colours is as follows:

Colour preferences for the bedroom

Once in bed then this is what they do; although ‘the usual things’ must be left to the imagination.

What we do in bed

None of the above may apply but you can still decorate your own bedroom your way.

Mirror wall stickers

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