Fiona and Charles

Dame Celia Molestrangler and ageing juvenile
Binkie Hunckaback

Fiona and Charles as played by Dame Celia Molestrangler (Betty Marsden) and ageing juvenile Binkie Huckaback (Hugh Paddick).

What would London’s West End Theatre be without these ineffable thespians?

How can one describe them without invoking the law of libel?

They’re earthquakingly, mind bendingly, stomach turningly, heart stoppingly, knee tremblingly awful but somehow, wonderfully terribly real and yet somehow – unreal.

Who could forget this touching scene

Binkie: I know.
Celia: I know, you know.
Binkie: I know you know I know.
Celia: I know. Then why can’t you give it to me?
Binkie: It’s not easy Fiona.
Celia: It’s not hard Charles. If you try. And now you’re going.
Binkie: I have to. This is something I should have done a long time ago.
Celie: Is it her? Daphne?
Binkie: Yes, Fiona. I must go. She needs me.
Celia: I need you. Does this mean nothing?
Binkie: Daphne needs me more. Much more. But I shall think of you all the time I am with her.
Celia: I’ll wait for you Charles. You will come back to me won’t you? Please say you’ll come back to me.
Binkie: I always come back don’t I? (and takes the dog for a walk).

The drawing at the top of this page comes from ‘Round the Horne by Barry Took and Marty Feldman’.

My copy published 1974 contains pen pictures and scripts but appears to be out of print.

There are several alternatives. This is one.

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