Professor Patrick Cullen - palmist and expert in Mammarism

Professor Patrick Cullen - palmist and expert in Mammarism

‘Professor’ Patrick Cullen was an Irish palmist who introduced the British public to the mystic art of Mammarism or breast-gazing. He was 69 when he died.

It was during the seventies that Mr Cullen began to develop his highly successful career as a ‘chest clairvoyant’ after years of operating as the ‘Palmist of Hastings Pier’.

He would tell female clients that the ancient Eastern art enabled him to predict the shape of things to come by ‘reading’ their breasts. They were a pointer to the future, a fact well appreciated in India where he claimed, Mammarism originated.

The technique was perfected in the brothels of Shanghai during a 26 year career in the army involving daubing the breasts in poster colours with a long camel hair brush. The breast was then pressed against a sheet of paper to achieve a life-size imprint.

Clients who expressed embarrassment could opt to take the reading themselves in the back room of his studio in Brighton, while the ‘Professor’ kept in touch by two-way radio.

After studying the prints, and sometimes the breasts themselves, Mr Cullen would predict the client’s future. In 1977 his fee was £3.

Mr Cullen came to Mammarism late in life. He was born in Dublin and after rising to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major in the army travelled the world, reading palms. Weather forecasts were a speciality.

More recently. he began to take prints of client’s bottoms and developed the ‘silhouette method’ of determining whether a woman was a virgin, another art he claimed to have learned in the Far East. This involved holding a sheet against a woman’s naked body while it was silhouetted against a bright light.

It was, he said, “a deep and exacting science”.

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