Zodiac Greetings Card - Gemini the Twins

Zodiac Greetings Card - Gemini the Twins

A unique greetings card for the zodiac sign of Gemini, featuring a traditional English pub.
The Twin Foxes, Stevenage


The b/w photo above of The Twin Foxes pub (taken in 1987) is featured on the front cover to represent Gemini – the Twins.

The inside page has a light-hearted reading concerning the sign’s alcoholic tendencies. The reading in the card may vary slightly from below owing to printing requirements.

The dual streak in your nature gives you a capacity for doing two things at once; and drinking is one of them.

Never a solitary toper you look for quality in conversation, and in your glass. You never lose your powers or reasoning and there is a youthfulness of spirit about you which outlives the night’s supply of alcohol. Your memory never lets you down.

The reading is not to be taken seriously. On the other hand you may recognise traits that may surprise you with their accuracy.

Each card with envelope costs just £2.49. Pay securely using your Paypal account or with your credit/debit card.

Cards are approximately 5 inches x 7 inches, printed on good quality paper and have a space on the inside right for your own message. They are posted inside another larger, blank envelope.

Gemini the Twins

Please allow 48 hours for delivery.

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