172 languages spoken in London schools

172 languages spoken in London schools

Youngsters in London’s schools speak 172 different languages.

At Holland Park Comprehensive in West London pupils speak a total of  50 languages.

A survey published by the Inner London Authority found that the number of Bengali speaker has tripled to 16,976 since 1981, and that the number of Vietnamese speakers has risen six-fold to 1,028 in the same period.

Overall, the second most common language was Turkish (4,495) followed by Chinese (4,325). Next came Gujerati (3,930), Urdu (3,808), Spanish (3,229), Punjabi (3,200), Arabic (3,067) and Greek (2,596).

The most commonly spoken languages vary from area to area with Bengali top in the borough of Tower Hamlets, east London, and Spanish top in Chelsea, west London.

Pupils speak a total of 50 languages at Holland Park Comprehensive in west London.

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The wit and wisdom of Denis Thatcher

When asked during a tour of the glories of Delhi to name his favourite city Denis Thatcher, husband of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, replied “Dallas”.

“Who could meet Margaret without being completely slain by her personality and intellectual brilliance?” he once asked in 1975.

During the May 1979 campaign he told cameramen: “If we’re not careful, we’ll have an ex-calf on our hands,” as his wife was cuddling one during a farm photo call.

In December 1984, during her long-striven for visit to Peking, he said: “China? Not my cup of tea at all. I’ve seen them all. Yugoslavia, East Germany . . . all the bloody same.”

In May 1985, during the Prime Minister’s visit of condolence to Bradford after the stadium disaster, he was offered an ashtray and said: “Oh good, we don’t want other ?re, do we?”

During the 1987 election campaign, he could be heard at press conferences saying, “Bloody silly question. Who is that thick idiot?”

After Mrs Thatcher’s victory he summed things up when asked if he had enjoyed being in the role of longest serving Prime Ministerial consort of the century. “Well,” he said. “I look as if I do.”

Denis Thatcher retired from public speaking in 1988.

Best selling films of 1988

1.Rain Man
2.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
3.Coming to America
4.Crocodile Dundee II
6.Rambo III
9.Die Hard
10.Working Girl

Top Selling singles 1988
01 Kylie Minogue:
I Should Be So Lucky

02 Yazz & The Plastic Population:
The Only Way Is Up

03 Glenn Medeiros:
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

04 Tiffany:
I Think We’re Alone Now

05 Wet Wet Wet:
With A Little Help From My Friends

06 Phil Collins:
Groovy Kind Of Love

07 Belinda Carlisle:
Heaven Is A Place On Earth

08 Salt-N-Pepa:
Push It / Tramp

09 The Hollies:
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

10 Robin Beck:
First Time

Best selling albums 1988
1 Kylie Minogue;

2 Cliff Richard:
Private Collection

3 Michael Jackson

4 Bros:

5 Various artists
Now That’s What I Call Music 13

6 Wet Wet Wet
Popped In Souled Out

7 Fleetwood Mac
Tango In The Night

8 U2
Rattle And Hum

9 Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman

10 Terence Trent D’Arby
Introducing The Hardline According To…?

These we lost in 1988


Trevor Howard, d. 7 1. 1988, aged 71, British actor
Trevor Howard

Ballard Berkerley, d. 16.1. 1988, aged 83, British actor
Ballard Berkerley

Kenneth Williams, d. 15. 4. 1988,aged 61, British actor
Kenneth Williams


Kim Philby, d. 11.5.1988, aged 76, British spy and Soviet mole
Kim Philby

Russell Harty, d. 8 June 1988, aged 53, broadcaster
Russell Harty

Barbara Woodhouse d. 9.7.1988, aged 78, dog trainer
Barbara Woodhouse

Gert Froebe d. 5.9.1988 aged 75, German actor
Gert Frobe

Roy Kinnear, d. 20.9.1988, aged 54 actor
Roy Kinnear

Charles Hawtry, d. 27.10.1988 aged 73, English actor
Charles Hawtry

Roy Orbison d. 6 12.1988 aged 52, American musician
Roy Orbison

Other deaths: Andy Gibb, 10 March, aged 30, Singer; Robert A Heinlein, May 8, aged 80 sci-fi writer; 14  Enzo Ferrari 14 August, aged 90, Italian sportscar manufacturer

Best selling book in 1988

Alaska by James Michener

This is Alaska’s story: its brutal origins; the American acquisition; the gold rush; the tremendous growth and exploitation of the salmon industry; and the arduous construction of the Alcan Highway.

A human community fighting to establish its place in the world. Alaska traces a bold and majestic saga of the enduring spirit of a land and its people.

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News you may have missed.

What a gas!

Cistercian monks from Bethlehem Abbey in Portglenome, Northern Ireland have won a prestigious pollution abatement award by converting animal manure into gas for heating.

When manure from the abbey’s herd of cattle is fed into a digestion system it produces a biogas as well as an organic garden compost and liquid fertiliser.

The gas, a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, is piped from the digester to the abbey’s boilers a quarter of a mile away

The monks plan to produce up to 450 cubic metres of gas a day, equivalent to almost 2,000 kilowat hours, to see them through the harshest winter months.