Let There Be Dragons

Sometimes when sleep fails to comeI ride the midnight bus againLeaving Hertford for HeathrowAnd all the way backWatching the sun and dawn arriveThe seven two fourIs not an attractive routeIt is a workhorseConnecting airports and stationsWhat they call interchangesHarlow, Hertford, WelwynHatfield, St Albans, WatfordHalf asleep I travel country roads againOnce in darkness now litBy dreams… Continue reading Let There Be Dragons

Just like a rolling stone

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The French have a word for it. Loosely translated it means everything changes; nothing changes. The French were wrong. This was the view from our bedroom window in February 2021 before the work on Lea Wharf began. About the same time I superimposed what it might look… Continue reading Just like a rolling stone

Bircherley Green 2020

As promised in my previous post I am placing my letter of objection to the latest planning application for Bircherley Green as submitted by Chase New Homes. The full list of documents accompanying the application can be viewed here. My own letter of objection is posted here and can be read as a .pdf file.… Continue reading Bircherley Green 2020

Hidden Hertford

Hidden Hertford was established in 2008. It was formed following an approach by Hidden Britain, itself a section of Visit Britain. The aim was to bring Hertford to the attention of a wider public by promoting social, historical and architectural features that were largely unknown or ignored. Initially this was not supported by either Hertford… Continue reading Hidden Hertford

Fings aint what they used to be

Since it was announced that Chase Homes intended to buy Bircherley Green the newspapers, message boards and pubs have been full of hopes, plans and wish lists. Unfortunately the planning process does not work that way. I have lived in Hertford since 1980 but was born and grew up in Camden Town. On Saturday morning… Continue reading Fings aint what they used to be

This is your home town

Son take a good look aroundThis is your home town. Bruce Springsteen I am tired of everybody telling me that Hertford is the county town. Maybe it is;  but on what grounds?  Look at this. This is the situation facing anyone walking through Maidenhead Street towards Salisbury Square. You have to turn left and cross… Continue reading This is your home town

Folly Island in photos

Here is a time shift view of certain parts of Folly Island in about 1976 and now (July 2018). The original photos were given to me by Cllr Peter Ruffles about 16 years ago. I cannot be too sure about the date he took the photos but the accompanying descriptions points to a time about… Continue reading Folly Island in photos

Hertford’s future now?

Now that the dust has settled on the planning application for Bircherley Green Shopping Centre it is time to think ahead. There are still a few permissions and details to be finalised but for many the die has already been cast. The owners of the site have given everybody notice to quit. This was not… Continue reading Hertford’s future now?