Skinheads put the boot in ... at Christmas

Skinheads put the boot in ... at Christmas

A company is offering a different service to enliven 1987 Christmas office parties.

For £30 it will send round a “bootagram” to terrify the managing director.

Two massive tattooed skinheads more skilled in the arts of debt collection and security work diversify at Christmas into entertainment.

Skinhead Productions in Hornchurch, Essex normally hires out skinheads for film work, security, promotions and publicity stunts.

They all have tattoos and some so big they have to turn sideways to walk through doorways.

The agency explained the special Christmas bootagram service. “Generally a lot of people in the office gang up on their managing director. Usually they buy a Christmas pudding or something, so we come carrying a large bag, looking a bit conspicuous, and we go and give him the once over like.

“We have a word with him, a bit of chat like; usually the poor old managing director is terrified, and then we give him the Christmas pudding.“

So a Merry Christmas to be had by all – apart from the boss who gets the pudding.

A news story from 1987 you may have missed

The Dewey Classification System

I have never had too much faith in the Dewey Decimal Classification system since finding Spike Milligan‘s  ‘Adolf Hitler — My Part In His Downfall’ in the German section of my local library.

My wife asked for a copy of ‘Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee’ at a large branch of W. H. Smiths.  It was eventually found in the medical section.

This news item would not be complete without reference to the Phantom Classifier where ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ appears next to ‘The Way Of All Flesh’; and ‘Overcome Your Allergies In Five Days’ has arrived in the fiction department.

Best selling films 1987

1. Beverly Hills Cop II
2. Platoon
3. Fatal Attraction
4. The Untouchables
5. Three Men and a Baby
6. The Secret of My Success
7. Stakeout
8. Lethal Weapon
9. The Witches of Eastwick
10. Predator

Best selling singles 1987
01 Rick Astley
Never Gonna Give You Up

02 Starship
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

03 T’Pau
China In Your Hand

04 Whitney Houston
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

05 The Bee Gees
You Win Again

06 Mel & Kim

Pump Up The Volume / Anitina

08 Judy Boucher
Can’t Be With You Tonight

09 Pet Shop Boys
It’s A Sin

10 Madonna
La Isla Bonita

Best selling albums 1987
1 Michael Jackson

2 U2
The Joshua Tree

3 Whitney Houston

4 Various artists
Now That’s What I Call Music 10

5 Fleetwood Mac
Tango In The Night

6 Various artists
Hits 6

7 Rick Astley
Whenever You Need Somebody

8 T’Pau
Bridge Of Spies

9 Original Cast
The Phantom Of The Opera

10 Level 42
Running In The Family

Recommended Book for 1987

Heaven and Hell: Part Three of the Epic “North and South” Trilogy (North and South Trilogy)

The Civil War saga that inspired the classic television mini-series ‘North and South’.

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These we lost in 1987


15  Ray Bolger, American actor, 83


Liberace, pianist, 67

22  Andy Warhol, American pop artist, 58

27  Joan Greenwood, British actress, 65


Randolph Scott, American actor, 89

Danny Kaye, American comedian and actor, 76

21  Robert Preston, American actor, 68


Buddy Rich, drummer/orchestra leader, 69


Colin Blakely, Northern-Irish character actor, 56

8  Doris Stokes, British psychic medium

14  Rita Hayworth, American actress, 68


Fulton Mackay, Scottish actor and playwright, 64

22  Fred Astaire, American tap dancer, presenter and actor, 88


15  Alfie Bass, British actor, 71


17  Rudolf Hess, German Nazi official, 93

29  Lee Marvin, American actor, 63


11  Lorne Greene, Canadian actor,  72

11  Peter Tosh, Jamaican reggae musician, 42

23  Bob Fosse, choreographer, 62

30  Alfred Bester, sci-fi author, 73


19  Jacqueline du Pre, British cellist, 42


Eamonn Andrews, Television Presenter

29  Irene Handl, actress, 85


22  Henry Cotton, English golfer, 80

More news from 1987 that you may have missed

The plight of the modern artist

Organisers of a travelling art exhibition on Merseyside hung three exhibits the wrong way round at the start of the display at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Jonathan Fraud arrived to find his piece entitled “Sorrow,” upside down. Another local artist, Richard Young, noticed that his abstract painting Still Life, had been hung the wrong way round.

A carpet maker, Lis Burgoyne, had one of her untitled exhibits displayed on its side.

After the exhibits were hung the right way up one of the organisers said: “It was an understandable error to hang up one of the painting the wrong way up. The word ‘sorrow’ was written upside down and was meant to be hung that way.”

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