Sample questions for the 1980’s Quiz Book

Sample questions for the 1980’s Quiz Book


#1 What are siphonapterists

The BBC were looking for a flea circus in a new production

#2 What book was found in the medical section of W H Smiths

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee was a story about the American Indian and the American West

#3 How did employees at Airspace, Ebbw Vale start their day

#4 Why did Rebe Kom throw white paint over BBC DJ David Hamilton

#5 What killed the Turkish undertaker

#6 Why did Pasquale Alfrescia sue Italian Sports network ’90 Minutes’

#7 What was the rule in London’s Eccentric Club

It also had a clock that ran backwards

#8 What cocktail contained vodka, white rum, triple sec and coke

#9 What was peter Cavanagh’s catchphrase

#10 What mystical art did ‘Professor’ Patrick Cullen practise

Mammarism was being able to forecast a woman’s future by reading an impression of her breasts daubed in poster paint and pressed against a white sheet.