Portable paperback safe for bookshelf, car and bag

Paperback safe on bookshelf
Paperback safe on a typical bookshelf
Inside Paperback safe
Inside Paperback safe

These secret safes use real paperbacks. They are slightly distressed so as not to draw attention to them.

Placed on a bookshelf it looks exactly like all other books.

The inside pages have been hollowed out to form a secret space for storage.


You can store original items or back ups in the portable paperback safe such as the following:

  • Safe deposit box and other keys.
  • Easy access to small amounts of cash or inexpensive jewellery
  • Spare keys to car, shed or other building
  • A small memory stick containing digital copies of all family photos.
  • Card index of family doctors, prescriptions, medications and/or hospital appointments
  • Memory stick with house photos and/or video inventories of your home.
  • House keys can be kept in car in the paperback safe without drawing attention to itself
  • Equally portable and ordinary looking as other commonplace items for handbag, suitcase or gym bag

The portable paperback safe is light, easy to carry and contents remain confidential

This is not a fireproof safe so items of real value or of flammable material should only be placed here with caution.

These cost just £4.99 to including post and packing through Paypal.

The following titles are now available with more to be added; please make a note on the order form which title you would prefer.

Dick Francis - Forfeit
Dick Francis – Forfeit
Ann Granger - Keeping Bad Company
Ann Granger – Keeping Bad Company SOLD
Mills & Boon - Dare
Mills & Boon – Dare
China's three thousand years
China’s three thousand years






More titles being added.