The Lost Traveller

The Lost Traveller

This short story grew out of a character created for an Inspector Winwood Mystery – Murder at the Fleetwood.

I used his background on which to base a short romance between a man who seems to appear from nowhere and the landlady of a pub who falls for him.

When J’s car breaks down outside the village pub Ruth the landlady has no reason to disbelieve his explanation that he was just passing through.

They have an instant attraction to the other. Whilst he waits for his car to be repaired J tells Ruth of his life story and career. Then the details of his job begin to change and Ruth starts to wonder if J has a more secretive reason for staying in the village.

Despite her misgivings an affection between them grows. Then J lets both her and the village down with a business proposal. Will his explanation be enough to win the lady back?



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