Local Elections 2019 – Independence For Folly Island


I am standing at the Local Elections 2019 for the Bengeo Ward, Hertford Town Council on May 2.

A good friend of mine well versed in the ways of Local Government once said to me: ‘the smaller the town the deeper the politics go’. I want  to make local politics local.

My manifesto is shown below.

Independence for Folly Island

Folly Island is a real island, separated from the town centre by the River Lea and from Bengeo by Hartham Common.

It does not have the economic or social problems of the town centre nor the landfill and rat-run problems of Bengeo proper.

If elected on May 2:

  • I will seek to establish Folly Island as a separate independent political ward to send one elected representative to Town and District Councils.
  • I will seek to establish a toll gate on Folly Bridge to collect fees from delivery vans and other non-resident vehicles to pay for the damage to the bridge itself, and road surfaces leading to and on the island.
  • Establish a treadmill on the banks of the River Lea to generate free electricity for Folly Island. The fitness facility will be open to all for a small fee but no charge for students and those on State Benefits.
  • Remove all town centre signage to Folly Island to discourage traffic with out-of-date mapping systems accessing the island; and make ‘cul de sac’ signage larger, in more visible locations and closer to the town centre.
  • Establish a tunnel under the River Lea for residents to access the town centre tunnel network, should the bridge collapse.

I was involved in Hertford from 2000 to 2015 during which time I served as:

Chairman, Folly Island Residents Association
Town Centre Manager
Manager, Hertford Town Watch
Chairman, Hertford Pub Watch
Project Manager, Hidden Hertford
Editor, Ward Times

I have a record of successfully delivering a variety of projects including the first Hertford Resident Parking Zone, Fun Days, the regular Farmers Market, a Continental Market, Behave Or Be Banned scheme, the Taxi Marshalling Scheme, river trips and the infrastructure for the Christmas Lights amongst many others.

No man is an island, entire of itself (John Donne 1572 – 1631).  Folly Island is an island; it is a geographical fact.

Folly Island is a Local Conservation Area, one designed to protect and enhance.

These twin aims are often lost within the wider political arena. They can only be achieved through the dedication of an elected local representative who actually lives on Folly Island.

Vote for John Barber.
Local Elections 2019: Thursday May 2.
Independence For Folly Island.

John Barber
John Barber

Persons nominated for election as a Town Councillor for Hertford (Bengeo Ward)

BARBER, John David: Independence For Folly Island

DAAR, Alex: Green

DUNKLEY, Sue: Conservative

FRASEER, Veronica Elizabeth: Labour

NEWTON Sally: Conservative

RADFORD Linda Elizabeth: Conservative

RUFFLES Peter Alan: Conservative

TURNER Alec: Labour

TURNER Tracy Kim Martin: Labour

WIGGETT  John William: Liberal Democrat

The full list of candidates standing at Parish and District Council elections can be found on the East Herts Council Local Election Page.

For results of the Bengeo Ward and my future.