Heaven and Hell in colour

Heaven and Hell in colour

In 1981 staff and students at Leeds University were surveyed on their attitudes to death.

The results were collated by Karen Rowley, a student in the Institute of Dialect and Folk Life Studies.

80% claimed a religion; 47% believed in heaven, 40% believed in hell.

Heaven was associated with the following preferences: white, blue, yellow, green, pastel shades, pink and red, all colours and no colours.

Hell had fewer options: red or black dominated with a minority saying yellow, green, purple, orange and brown.

Hell was seen as:

The worst things in life concentrated into one continual happening;  rowdy and hot with brawls and drunkenness and the old favourite fire and brimstone.

Only a minority  believed in some form of superstition about death. The majority of 75% held none as opposed to an overwhelming belief in omens in the early part of the twentieth century.

These were the favourites: deathwatch beetles ticking, birds flying into a house, shoes placed on tables (my mum told me that it was new shoes that should be kept off tables!), dogs howling, seeing someone behind you in a mirror, a white cat crossing your path, dreams about water and diamond shaped creases in folded sheets.

A news story you may have missed

Intruder at Palace

Security at Buckingham Palace suffered another breached when a well-dressed man in his twenties was found in the grounds who had got in ‘to see Princess Anne’.

He was not charged but taken to a mental home.

Best selling films from 1981

Raiders of the Lost Ark
On Golden Pond
Superman II
The Cannonball Run
Chariots of Fire
For Your Eyes Only
The Four Seasons
Time Bandits

Best selling singles 1981

1 Shakin’ Stevens
This Ole House

2 Adam and the Ants
Stand and Deliver

3 The Specials
Ghost Town

4 Soft Cell
Tainted Love

5 Adam and the Ants
Prince Charming

6 John Lennon

7 Bucks Fizz
Making your mind up

8 Ultravox

9 Michael Jackson
One day in your life

10 Dave Stewart with Barbara Gaskin
Its my party

Best selling albums 1981

1 Adam and the Ants
Kings of the Wild Frontier

2 Queen
Queen’s Greatest Hits

3 Phil Collins
Face Value

4 Shakin’ Stevens

5 The Police
Ghost in the Machine

6 Cliff Richard
Love Songs

7 The Human League

8 John Lennon
Double Fantasy

9 Neil Diamond
Jazz Singer

10 Star Sound
Stars on 45

Recommended Book for 1981

Gorky Park

A brutal triple murder & the KGB suspected of heavy involvement.

Everyone is afraid. First class conspiracy novel.

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Notable deaths in 1981
6 A. J. Cronin, Scottish writer, 84
7 Alvar Lidell, UK radio broadcaster, 73
10 Richard Boone, American actor, 63
16 Bernard Lee, British actor (M in James Bond movies), 73

6 Hugo Montenegro, American film music composer,56
9 Bill Haley, American rock vocalist, 55

14 Ken Barrington, English cricketer, 58

12 Joe Louis, US heavyweight boxing champion, 66

11 Bob Marley, Jamaican reggae singer, 36
24 Jack Warner, British actor, 85

16 Harry Chapin, folk vocalist, 38

1 Paddy Chayefsky, screenwriter, 58
19 Jessie Matthews, English actress, 74

15 Harold Bennett, English actor, 82
29 Bill Shankly, Liverpool FC Manager, 69

6 Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, 62
16 Moshe Dayan, Israeli politician, 66

12 William Holden, American actor, 63
29 Natalie Wood, American actress, 43

27   Hoagland “Hoagy” Carmichael, American composer, 82

A news story you may have missed.

The Disappearing Ferret Locating Device

The ferret locating device was a bleeper tied around the ferret’s neck.

The bleeper’s signal would be picked up by a hearing aid device carried by the owner. All a buyer got when his pet ferret disappeared down a rabbit hole was a faint signal from a Russian radio station.

To make matters worse the offer of a refund was attached to the device and lost along with the ferret!

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