The Fordhamton Trilogy – an eBook of three murder mysteries

The Fordhamton Trilogy describes a series of very odd and quite bizarre events.

The Fordhamton Trilogy by John Barber

A Little Local Affair – The Fordhamton Trilogy Vol 1 begins with the fall out following the suspicious death of Alan Price in a car crash and the ensuing fraud, by-election and strange behaviour of some of the town’s more respected citizens.

Return to Fordhamton – The Fordhamton Trilogy Vol 2 follows the adventures of Tim Rose who is repeatedly arrested and released by the police for crimes he didn’t commit. He tries to get back to his company training centre but keeps being returned to Fordhamton. The terms of Arthur Brown’s will threatens to uncover at least one secret sexual liaison and the public embarrassment of an ethically run Bank and Property Investment Company.

The trilogy concludes with The Fordhamton Trilogy The Last Resort – Vol 3 where the Mayor’s great idea of an Arts Festival leads to murder and some very odd exhibits.

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Details of Vols 1, 2 and 3 can be viewed here.

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