Bedroom habits of the British

Bedroom habits of the British

A poll taken by Crown Paints in 1980 uncovered the following bedroom habits of the British.

One in three people sleep under a duvet – highest rate was 40% in Scotland and the lowest in the Midlands at 27%.

41% men and 17% women sleep naked.
50% keep windows open all winter, regardless of temperature.
16% people were up by 6.30 am compared with 1% in 1958
14% are up after midnight compared to 2% in 1958.

Although most people state that red, pink and black make for the most sexiest bedroom colour schemes, few actually implement this colour scheme. The British choice of bedroom colours is as follows:

White        26%
Pink           17%
Blue           13%
Green        10%
Brown        9%
Yellow       8%
Cream       8%
Beige         4%
Purple       3%
Lilac           3%
Black         1%
Red            1%

Once in bed then this is what they do:

Go to sleep           30% or slightly below
Read a  book        40%
Listen to radio    17%
Read newspaper 5%
Listen to music   5%
And modestly,  7% admit to doing ‘the usual things’.

A news story you may have missed.

Mafia hand discovered in pizza pie

Dear sir

I find your headline ‘Mafia hand discovered in the pizza pie’ sensational,misleading and in very bad taste.

Best selling films in 1980

The Empire Strikes Back
9 to 5
Stir Crazy
Any Way You Can
Private Benjamin
Coal Miners Daughter
Smokey and the bandit
Blue Lagoon
The Blues Brothers

Best selling singles of 1980
1 Don DcLean

2 Barbra Streisand
Woman in Love

3 Abba
Super Trouper

4 M*A*S*H
Theme from M*A*S*H

5 Dexy’s Midnight Runners

6 The Police
Don’t stand so close to me

7 Kellie Marie
Feels like I’m in love

8 Odyssey
Use it up and wear it out

9 Detroit Spinners
Working my way back to you

10 Kenny Rogers
Coward of the County

Best selling albums of 1980
1 Abba
Super Trouper

2 The Police
Zenyatta Mondatta

3 Rose Royce
Greatest Hits

4 The Pretenders

5 The Police
Regatta De Blanc

6 Roxy Music
Flesh and Blood

7 Michael Jackson
Off the wall

8 Genesis

9 Barbra Streisand

10 Sky
Sky 2

Best seller 1980

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Horror, desperation, plenty of action, imaginative story-line,  conspiracy and mystery.

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Notable deaths in 1980


Jay Silverheels d.4.3.1980 aged 67, Canadian actor
Jay Silverheels



Alfred Hitchcock, d. 29.4.1980, aged 80 Film Director
Alfred Hitchcock

Peter Sellers, d.24.7.1980 aged 54, actor and comedian
Peter Sellers

Last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi d. 27.7.1980 aged 60
Shah of Iran




Josephine "Hattie" Jacques, d.6 October 1980 aged 58, British comedy actress
Hattie Jacques

Steve McQueen, d 7.11.1980 aged 50,actor
Steve McQueen

John Lennon, d.8.12.1980 aged 40, pop star
John Lennon

Colonel Harland Sanders, d. 16.12.1980, aged 90, American founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken
Harland Sanders

3     Joy Adamson, Naturalist and Author, 69
18   Cecil Beaton, British photographer, 76
29   Jimmy Durante, comedian, 86

13   David Janssen, American actor, 49
17   Graham Sutherland, English artist, 76

1      Dixie Dean, English footballer, 73
18   Erich Fromm, German/US psychoanalyst, 79
25   Roland Barthes, French literary critic and writer, 65
31   Jesse Owens, athlete, 66

15   Jean-Paul Sartre, existentialist philosopher and writer, 74
26   Cicely Courtneidge, actress, 87

14   Hugh Griffith, Welsh actor, 67

7     Henry Miller, American writer, 88
12   Billy Butlin, Founder of Butlins, 81
21   Bert Kaempfert, German orchestra leader and songwriter, 56
23   John Laurie, Scottish actor, 83

1       C.P. Snow, English novelist and physical chemist, 74

24   Yootha Joyce, British actress

22   Mae West, actress, 87
24   George Raft, American actor, 79
26   Rachel Roberts, Welsh actress, 53

2     Oswald Mosley, British politician, 84
29   Tim Hardin, American singer, 39
31   Marshall McLuhan, Canadian cultural philosopher, 69

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