You say Hello .. and I say Goodbye

Regular readers of this blog will recall that Chase Homes appealed the planning decision from East Herts Council regarding delivery times in and out of Bircherley Green. This was referred to the Planning Inspectorate who have found in favour of Chase Homes. Therefore the access areas for delivery vehicles and refuse lorries will remain the… Continue reading You say Hello .. and I say Goodbye

Room with a view

I realise I may have come a bit late to the table with this but other members of the family brought his photo to my attention. Apparently this artists impression is in the window of Lanes Estate Agents in Market Street. It purports to be a vision of the new Bircherley Green development looking north… Continue reading Room with a view

Chase New Homes appeal Planning decision

The Dispute goes on …. and on Chase New Homes have lodged an objection to the Planning Inspectorate regarding Condition 15 of EHDC Planning decision for the development of Bircherley Green. Email from East Herts: Quote begins: Planning Appeal:   Bircherley Green Shopping Centre  Hertford  Hertfordshire SG14 1BN  LPA Appeal Ref:    21/00032/COND The applicant has appealed… Continue reading Chase New Homes appeal Planning decision

The Fall and Rise of Bircherley Green

The view from our back bedroom window is not the most scenic. Basil Fawlty summed it up perfectly:  ‘Well, may I ask what you expected to see out of a bedroom window on Folly Island? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically … ?’ Until last Monday we… Continue reading The Fall and Rise of Bircherley Green

Hertford Lockdown Blues

Well I woke up this morning; things to do.Need a haircut; barbers are shut.Push ups in the gym; they won’t let me in.No Americano; bad news on the radio.Shed a tear; pubs with no beer.Man! I’ve got the Hertford Lockdown Blues again. I rarely comment on national politics here, but at my stage of life… Continue reading Hertford Lockdown Blues

Regeneration – sort of!

Like daffodils shooting through the winter sludge yellow signs have appeared in Bircherley Green. This is a bit of a blow. I now have to walk up Bull Plain, turn left and left again to get to the Bus Station. The service road was a welcome short cut although of late I have considered wearing… Continue reading Regeneration – sort of!

A Time to Remember

A time to weep, and a time to laugh;A time to mourn, and a time to dance. Yesterday Sunday 11th October marked the fifth year since the passing of my grandson Zach on 11th October 2015. He would have been eight years old this year. During those last five years it is still not easy… Continue reading A Time to Remember

Premier Inn Checks Out

It should come as no surprise following Whitbread’s announcement of job losses earlier this week that they have now pulled out of building a Premier Inn Hotel in Bircherley Green (see full story in Hertfordshire Mercury). It is fair to say that few people in Hertford saw the need for a hotel. Except for Whitbread… Continue reading Premier Inn Checks Out