Bircherley Green 2020

As promised in my previous post I am placing my letter of objection to the latest planning application for Bircherley Green as submitted by Chase New Homes. The full list of documents accompanying the application can be viewed here. My own letter of objection is posted here and can be read as a .pdf file.… Continue reading Bircherley Green 2020

The Great Wen

But what is to be fate of that great wen of all? The monster called … ?William Cobbett (1762 – 1835) Rural Rides, 1822. You may ask what William Cobbett has to do with modern day Hertford. In Cobbett’s time the Great Wen, the monster, was London. Today the great wen (or sore) in the… Continue reading The Great Wen

Everything must go!

Like most residents I was dismayed to learn that three more shops will be closing; Monsoon/Accessorize, Sugar Smith and Botsfords. Botsfords is almost synonymous with Hertford. It is sad to see such a famous name disappear from our town. I have written countless reports which have no doubt ended up in the same place as… Continue reading Everything must go!