Elections May 2nd 2019

Those with long memories may recall that I wrote about the last local council elections on April 16th 2015. I commented along the lines that this was like a blanket of apathy descending on Hertford. I have been involved in Hertford since 2000 and if you read my previous posts you will know how frustrated… Continue reading Elections May 2nd 2019

Trees on Folly Island

In some of my more mischievous moments at the Hertford Transport Forum I would manipulate the conversation to be able to include Hertfordshire Highways, Folly Island and trees in the same sentence. I knew it would wind up some of the more streetwise Officers. For those who did not know the Folly Island Residents Association… Continue reading Trees on Folly Island

This is your home town

Son take a good look aroundThis is your home town. Bruce Springsteen I am tired of everybody telling me that Hertford is the county town. Maybe it is;  but on what grounds?  Look at this. This is the situation facing anyone walking through Maidenhead Street towards Salisbury Square. You have to turn left and cross… Continue reading This is your home town