At the end of a perfect day

Sunset by Anne-Marie Barber
Sunset by Anne-Marie Barber

I make no apologies for featuring another of my daughter’s photographs, taken on the way home from school. When she emailed this to me I instantly thought of a vinyl LP we used to play quite often. You can see the similarity in the sky and the title sums it up completely. All previous posts… Continue reading At the end of a perfect day

Starting on Life’s Journey

Starting out on life's journey
Starting out on life’s journey by Anne-Marie Barber

This photograph was taken by my daughter Anne-Marie. The little boy is my grandson Archie, on his way to school in Rushden, Northants. I love this photo. I have tried to keep this blog to all things Hertford but every now and then something more interesting comes along. So this is Archie setting out on… Continue reading Starting on Life’s Journey