Slow boat to Sainsbury’s

I have been giving some thought in the last few weeks to the idea of river shopping. To be more precise, a regular ferry connecting Hertford East Rail Station, Bircherley Green Bus Station and Sainsbury’s. The infrastructure is already in place. Why this sudden flash of inspiration? Since the service road was blocked by concrete… Continue reading Slow boat to Sainsbury’s

Large hole in Hertford

You may remember that when I last posted on this blog on 19 March 2018 I said that it would take a momentous event to encourage me to return. Something like Waitrose slipping into the River Lea. That hasn’t quite come to pass but Diageo have now lodged an updated planning application for Bircherley Green… Continue reading Large hole in Hertford

2019-Bircherley Green

As I wrote last year there has not been much to write about in Hertford. Then as if by magic new proposals have been submitted regarding the redevelopment of Bircherley Green Shopping Centre. This application has since been withdrawn and a new application submitted by Chase New Homes. My stance has not changed much so… Continue reading 2019-Bircherley Green