1980’s Quiz Book

The 1980's Quiz Book

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This quiz book is split into 20 different categories. All of the questions relate to news stories from the 1980’s – few if any made the national headlines. Some categories have more questions than others; but all have multi-answer selections. The answers appear at the end of the book in their own section.

All of these questions are from real life news stories. Some questions have been placed in a different category so as not to make the answer too easy. Wherever possible a brief extract of the news story is included with the answer so that a quiz master can explain the scoring.

This is not just a standard quiz book but a reference and library facility for quiz masters looking for new and unique questions, but also for people who find the bizarre fascinating. You may get the answer wrong but you may also raise a smile.

Table of Contents: number of questions in brackets

Animals (16)
Arts (28)
Business (33)
Crime (20)
Death (13)
Employment (16)
Entertainment (17)
Food & Drink (19)
Games, Hobbies and Sports (35)
Health and Beauty (7)
History (8)
Homes & Gardens (5)
Language (6)
Legal (24)
Miscellaneous (27)
People (11)
Politics (9)
Records (15)
Sport (23)
Travel (21)

You can try 10 sample questions here. No prizes; the correct answer in green, the wrong one in red.

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Buy it now from this site!! £0.79, three formats, no leaving the site. Download from here.