1980’s Quiz Book – eBook based on news

1980 quiz book compiled by John Barber

This is not your normal quiz book. It contains over 340 questions in 20 different categories based on news items from the 1980’s. However not the headline news but ordinary events experienced by ordinary people.

The categories may be familiar such as The Arts, Business, Employment, Food and Drink, Politics, Sports and more in the same vein but the questions are not so familiar. General knowledge may not always help; a lack of it is not really a problem. A sense of humour is a great advantage.

Each question has a choice of three answers and the answer pages have a reference to the actual news story wherever possible by way of explanation or background.

It is not intended as a base for a serious quiz but possibly an opportunity for people such as pub quizmasters to lighten the mood between rounds.

It is a reference book, a cornucopia of facts and figures and a quiz book all in one; and a refuge for quiz masters looking for new and unique questions. It is equally absorbing for anyone with a taste for the ‘You wouldn’t believe it’ type of story that finds its way into the pages of popular magazines. You may get the answer wrong but never mind, it may bring a smile to your face.

Animals (16)
Arts (28)
Business (33)
Crime (20)
Death (13)
Employment (16)
Entertainment (17)
Food & Drink (19)
Games, Hobbies and Sports (35)
Health and Beauty (7)
History (8)
Homes & Gardens (5)
Language (6)
Legal (24)
Miscellaneous (27)
People (11)
Politics (9)
Records (15)
Sport (23)
Travel (21)

You can try 10 sample questions here. No prizes; the correct answer in green, the wrong one in red.

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