Michael Montague, the outgoing head of the English Tourism Board had these comments to make on Britain.


The British are cold, reserved, unfriendly, sloppy, docile and acquiescent.


Our streets are filthy, with an epidemic of black plastic bags; dog owners should be heavily fined for allowing their pets to foul pavements and parks. Residents should be responsible for cleaning street beyond their front garden.

Public Lavatories

Our public lavatories are disgusting , often vandalised and rare.

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are rude, unhelpful and only interested only in tips

Service stations

Service stations should be re-named ‘no service stations’


Hotels are supercilious and unwelcoming.

Air fares

Airfares are expensive and fixed by international cartels

Duty free shopd

Duty free shops are a rip off


Supermarkets are incompetent and unresponsive.

High Streets

The British High Street is dying; forcing shoppers to out of town retail parks.

Theatre tickets

Theatre and concert tickets are hard to buy and purchasing should be computerised and centralised.

These thoughts were written towards the end of the 1980’s so has much changed?