Today’s junk – tomorrows antiques

‘Will today’s junk become tomorrow’s treasured antiques?’

A question posed by Jerome K Jerome in his 1889 masterpiece Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog).

‘Will the loathsome dogs that cluttered furnished lodgings be the sought after pieces in 2288’, he continued.

Well the organisers of the Fine Arts and Antiques Fair held at Olympia obviously thought so.

Amongst the listed items were Tupperware sets, jeans and milk bottles.

Also appearing in the Antique Fair catalogues were typewriters, scientific instruments and Margaret Thatcher souvenirs. These ride side by side with wrinkle cream, fur coats, frisbees, Filofaxes, Swatch watches and designer furniture.

Anyone who watches BBC’s midday programme Bargain Hunt would agree that these now have some inflated value.

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