How to choose a school

When the time comes to select a secondary school then there are several pointers as to its suitability to your child and more importantly yourself.

This guide was compiled by Dr Digby Anderson of the Social Affairs Unit and has to be admitted that it would appeal more to the Daily Mail reader than the Guardian.

One chapter is headed ‘Snooping round the school’. Observe the actions of pupils and teachers at the school gates before school opens.

At lunch time check out if the staff and pupils visit the pub or the local chip shop.

At the end of the school day how many teacher’s cars are left in the car park an half an hour after the last bell. The car stickers could also point to teacher’s political or social affiliations.

Dr Anderson admits that teachers are not particularly political people.

However, those that are often openly display their tendencies are normally Trotskyists or ‘proselytising lesbians’.

It is reasonable easy to spot these tendencies on stickers or lapel badges. Look for words such as Rally, Peace, CND, Alternative, Radical, Union, Collective, Rights and generally anything sounding ‘Latin American’.

There are similar thoughts expressed in David Walliams best seller:

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