1980’s Britain – Glasgow women and sex

Strathclyde University undertook a scientific study into sexual attitudes of 40 something Glaswegian women which was presented to the British Association/

All those questioned thought that it was worse for women to have affairs than men; marriage was more likely to collapse as a result.

Questioned about the Pill and sexual freedom the answers were unanimous – it had led to too much promiscuity and enabled people to have casual sex.

Language became quite hostile on the subject of homosexuality and increased when asked about lesbianism.

There was a great hope for youthful romance but admission that disillusion set in with marriage.

More positively Ideas of gripping the bed and thinking of England during sex appeared to have declined.

Overall, the survey painted a picture of a Victorian view of sex overflowing and surviving into the mid twentieth century – at least in Glasgow.

A more modern twentieth century view came from Germaine Greer in a classic of its time