1980’s Britain – Forecast for the 1980’s

The TAROT forecast method

It was forecast that inflation will reach hurricane proportions in autumn 1980, and the world currency system will collapse in 1982.

These were forecast in predictions from a think tank of old fashioned seers.

Based on the Delphi forecasting techniques used by the Rand Corporation, the predictions say that the world currency system will not recover until the end of the decade.

The economic collapse in the early 1980’s will be caused by crippling interest rates.

During the danger period of March, July and October 1982, the conjunctions of the planets are liable to bring about a spate of earthquakes due to their effect on the sun’s electro­ magnetic flux. Tidal waves will sweep round the world.

The Queen will abdicate In favour of Prince Charles in about 1985. Mrs Thatcher will be recalled to power after a “de Gaulle-like ” period of exile, and the West will introduce a crash programme to train sufficient telepaths to defeat those in Russia; say the predictions.

They are based on the Trend Analysis by Relative Opinion Testing (TAROT) system developed as a variant of the Rand system by Francis Kinsman a forecasting consultant.

They range far beyond economies because of the unusual composition of the 15 strong forecasting group on whom Mr Kinsman decided to try Rand techniques.

Members of the group were “all eminent in one or more of a number of prophetic disciplines – astrologers, numerologists, trance mediums, clairvoyants; spirit writers, and sensitives of various kinds”.

Kinsman interviewed each member of the group in depth and collated their views into a final “consensus” statement.

They believe that human nature will be born again into harmony and cooperation in the twenty first century after learning the lessons of disaster.

They expect Britain to be saved by the political equivalent of the tall, dark stranger.

There are further predictions of economic collapse. Wars will rage in the Middle East and also in the Far East involving Russia, China and Japan; none of which will involve Great Britain.

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