1980’s Britain; A – Z of Political Parties

This is not an exhaustive list of political parties.

It is however a fair representative list of all political parties that have stood at General Elections and By-Elections during the 1980’s.

Note that this list does not include parties standing at Local Elections.

What this illustrates is the varied interest of prospective candidates for Government office. It is full of those seeking a bit of publicity for a cause and a wonderful reflection of the humour of the British people.

The only restriction on standing as a candidate is that your party description must not exceed six words. Lt Com William ‘Bill’ Boaks said that he had far ranging causes to promote but had to be satisfied with just six words.

For a background to this restriction see my page on Screaming Lord Sutch and the Official Monster Raving Looney Party.

Abolish Greater London, Restore Middlesex Shire

Against Cuts in Education

All Night Party


Anti Urban Wasteland



Assassins Bullet

Ban every Licensing Law Society

Belgrano, Blood, Hunger

British National

British National Party

Campaign for Black and White Unity

Captain Rainbow’s Universal Party

Christian Democrat

Communist Party

Communist Party of England, Marxist-Leninist


Conservative Against Common Market

Conservative Favouring Capital Punishment

Cornish Nationalist

Council for United Ireland

Death Off the Roads; Freight on Rail

Democratic Unionist Party

Dog Lovers Party


English National Party

Ethnic Minority

Fancy Dress Party

Freddie’s Alternative Medicine Party

Free Trade Anti-Common Market Party

Freedom from World Domination

Gizza Job

Hyppo Party


Independent Labour

Independent Liberal

Independent Patriot

International Marxist

Irish National Party

Isle of Wight Residents Party

Islington and Finsbury Party

Jesus and His Cross

Justice for Divorced Fathers


Labour and Trade Union

Labour Cooperative

Law and Order

Liberal Alliance

Loony Monster

Loony Monster Green Chicken Alliance

Loony Society

Lorimer Brizbeep Science-Fiction Loony Party

Meybon Kernow

Modern Democratic Party

Multiracial Political Party

National Association for People before Planning

National Front

National Labour Party


New Britain Party

Nobody Party

Noise Abatement

Official Monster Raving Looney Party

Party of Associates with Licensees

Plaid Cymru

Popular Unionist

Prosperity for All

Protest Voters Party

Public Safety Democratic Monarchist White Resident

Radical and Anti-Parliamentarian

Rail not Motorway

Reintroduction of Hanging and Corporal Punishment

Restoration of Capital and Corporal Punishment

Revolutionary Communist Party

Scottish Ecologists

Scottish National Party

Servicemen’s and Citizens’ Association

Silly Party

Sinn Fein

Social Democratic Party

Socialist Party of Great Britain

Socialist Party of Great Britain

Soon to be Unemployed

Southport Bank in Lancashire Party

Spare the Earth Ecology

Stop Deportation of Black People

Sunshine Party

Tactically Vote Conservative Annihilate Bennites Livingstoneites

Tepanation on the National Health Service

Traditional English Food

Turkish Troops out of Cyprus

Very Good Party

Wessex Regionalist

Women For Life On Earth

Workers Charter with Pensioner Political Power

Workers Party

Workers Party for a Workers State

Workers Revolutionary Party

Youth Training Scheme