1980’s Britain – A to Z of Modern Britain

This guide to the alphabet was sent to the letters page by the father of the 15 year old who had written down her view of the influence of the media on modern Britain.

A aids, alcohol, apathy, apartheid, army.

B brain damage

C contraception, cancer, ciggies, CND, cocaine, Che.

D druggies, dictators, death, drought.

E Ethiopia, eternity, existentialism.

F filofax, fleas, flirting, food, freedom.

G generals, guns, genital diseases, governments.

H hash, heroin, hippies, homosexuality, hope.

I ignorance, innocence.

J jive, jazz, joss sticks, junkies, joints, jerking off.

K kisses.

L litter, love, lesbianism, liberation, life.

M masturbation, music, men MI5.

N nuclear bombs, navy.

O Oppenheimer, opium, optimism.

P police, penises, promises, Pakistanis, prostitutes.

Q queers, Queen.

R rubbish, riots, race, religion, real estate.

S shit, South Africa, sex, symbolism, sadness.

T transvestites, trips, transport, terrorists.

U underwear, underprivileged, unwanted, unemployed.

V virginity, vagrants, vivisection, vasectomy, violence.

W weapons, war, women, winter, wanking.

X the cross that kept Margaret Thatcher in power.

Y yuppie, YTS.

Z zit.

The parent concluded: ‘earlier generations say times were hard, kids have it easy today’. Not reading that lot they don’t.