1980’s Britain – a Report

If you are a Millennial or lived in Great Britain through the 1980’s then these pages are for you.

They look at life in Britain and the lives of the British through reports undertaken by central Government, local Councils, Universities and other professional bodies.

Predictions for the 1980’s from the TAROT group

Bedroom colours and habits in bed

Heaven and Hell in colours and omens of death

Sex shop group sought opinions from letters to the editor

Today’s junk is tomorrow’s antiques

Idioms – everyday phrases that baffle the non-English speaker

How to check on teachers when choosing a school

Road distances shrinking owing to motorways

A -Z of political parties that have stood at General Elections

Playground games and talk in schools

The most popular item in briefcases was ‘briefs’

British leisure and spending trends in 1986 based on 1984

New People – a new class forecast to dominate by 2010

A survey of sexual attitudes of 40 something women in Glasgow

Tourism – not a pleasant report on Britain and the British

172 different languages spoken in London schools

A teenagers A to Z of life in modern Britain.