12 English pubs in the Zodiac

Twelve English pubs

Each one of these pubs represents a sign of the zodiac – ie: Aries is represented by the Ram Inn.



Each sign has a photo of an English pub along with a brief and hopefully a humorous astrological reading based on alcoholic preferences. These are not to be taken seriously.

These photos were taken in 1987 in black and white only. Please note that the Ram Inn is now the Dog and Whistle; and the Twin Foxes has been demolished for houses.

Aries the Ram – 21 March – 20 April

The Ram Inn, Hertford

Arians can drink almost anything and usually do. Your judgement is sound and your constitution even better. A youthful ambition to sample every bottle behind the bar brings you to middle age with a solid background based on liquid foundations. A trifle blunt at your soberest, diplomacy is not increased when in your cups. You have a most effective way of negotiating with bar stewards.

Taurus the Bull – 21 April – 21 May

The Bull Inn, Much Hadham

Happily your opinion of yourself is shared by others. Can introduce originality and good humour into any gathering and drink in moderation. Though positive in many ideas and prejudices, you have an open mind and mouth regarding drink. Have been known to order whatever the others are drinking rather than exert the effort of making an alternative decision. Might pay for a round out of turn rather than break up a good session.

Gemini the Twins – 22 May – 22 June

The Twin Foxes, Stevenage
Twin Foxes, Stevenage

The dual streak in your nature gives you a capacity for doing two things at once; and drinking is one of them. Never a solitary toper you look for quality in conversation, and in your glass. You never lose your powers or reasoning and there is a youthfulness of spirit about you which outlives the night’s supply of alcohol. Your memory never lets you down.

Cancer the Crab – 23 June – 23 July

Crab Inn, Shanklin
Crab Inn, Shanklin, IOW

The moon gives you a wandering instinct. Your nature is to become attached to people and places, possibly responsible for your never remaining faithful to one particular hostelry. At some time you may be connected with the sea. When you splice the mainbrace you do so whole heartedly and you are apt to walk with a distinct nautical gait when three sheets in the wind.

Leo the Lion – 24 July – 23 August

Lion Inn, Eastwick
The Lion, Eastwick, nr Harlow

Leo is the sign of leadership. You are as liable to start a fashion in drinks as in everything else. In moments of emergency it’s you who can produce the corkscrew or the extra guest. Your creative streak produces the best cocktails and the story to top all others. You have a great talent for sponsoring parties, providing others shoulder the tedious details. Avoid lonely drinking when you become maudlin, rather than mellow.

Virgo the Maiden – 24 August – 23 September

Maidens Head, Whitwell
The Maidens Head, Whitwell

Many total abstainers are born under this sign, but statistics happily reveal that their number is diminishing. You are methodical, perhaps a little too cautious, with a certain faddiness about food and drink. You know your own mind but underestimate your capabilities. Propitious for change – garage the car, order another round, become a good mixer. Postpone your journey.

Libra the Scales – 24 September – 23 October

The Lawyer, Norwich
Libra – the Lawyer, Norwich

The morning is not your best period. Your first drink of the day is probably an Alka Seltzer. A malleable soul, you are friendly towards everyone, except those connected to the Inland Revenue. Quick to see another’s point of view or an empty glass yours is the gift to create harmony. You can hold your liquor, have terrific staying power, resourcefulness and display great ingenuity in getting a drink at any hour.

Scorpio the Scorpion – 24 October – 22 November

The Wicked Lady, Wheampstead

Your enormous vitality underlines your reputation for holding your liquor. You were born to be loved or loathed according to the other person’s temperament. A prolific talker and a rather absent-minded drinker you are sometimes too hurried in emptying your glass or reaching the point of your story. A pleasant time is had by almost all, except perhaps when two Scorpios meet. Not lacking in courage you’ll try anything once in an evening.

Sagittarius the Archer – 23 November – 22 December

Robin Hood, St Albans

The Archer is the sportsman in the company. No matter how precious the nectar, thimblefuls are hardly adequate. You drink when you’re thirsty and your thirst is a constant companion. You can throw a useful dart and have a convincing line in reminiscences. Your judgement of spirits would doubtless be well founded though the finer subtleties of a vintage grape might elude you.

Capricorn the Goat – 23 December – 20 January

The Goat, Codicote

The keynote to your character is conscientiousness. You drink with care and concentration. The wine list is a fascinating inventory, not an embarrassment. Bouquets you appreciate with love and complete understanding. Unlikely to mix your drinks unwisely you take infinite pains to obtain the right mixture of friends and liquor. Toping has little effect on your sense of humour which is adequate but never boisterous.

Aquarius the Water Carrier – 23 January – 19 February

Flowing Spring, nr Reading

Though your sign is the Water Carrier your appreciation of good, strong liquor becomes intelligently acute with the years. Innately inquisitive your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. The out-of-the-way tavern and little known drink have a strong appeal. Under stress many Aquarians have been known to become total abstainers. Usually a return to right living is quickly restored.

Pisces the Fish – 20 February – 20 March

Fish and Eels, Dobbs Weir, Hoddesdon

Your eyes immediately betray the extent of your drinking but your legs seldom let you down. Might tell the story of a broken heart after the ‘eighth’ but normally an intelligent listener. You have a fish like thirst which is never sated. Always adaptable you find have the ability to find solace in odd company and places, but prefer drinking in plush surroundings.

These images and readings are included in a small eBook – A Drinkers Horoscope – from Amazon.

All these photos were taken in early 1987 and are in black and white.

Note: The Ram Inn is now the Dog and Whistle and the Twin Foxes has been demolished to make way for housing.