Zodiac Drinks Coasters

blank coaster

These drinks coasters have an original astrological reading for each sign of the zodiac sealed inside a robust, square plastic case measuring 90mm x 90mm with an opaque base.

There are twelve different coasters; one for each sign of the zodiac. The words refer to the assumed drinking habits of each star sign and are meant to amuse and entertain; certainly not to be taken seriously.


There is no minimum order. Please email for price on items in excess of what is shown on this page. The cost of a pack of all twelve signs comes with a small discount.

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Aries the Ram


Taurus the Bull


Gemini the Twins


Cancer the Crab


Leo the Lion


Virgo the Virgin


Libra the Scales


Scorpio the Scorpion


Sagittarius the Archer


Capricorn the Goat


Aquarius the Water Carrier


Pisces the Fish


You may prefer to buy a set of the twelve individual signs. You will make a small saving as this set is priced at the cost of eleven coasters.

Set of twelve

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