Murder at the Fleetwood – a murder mystery eBook

murder at the fleetwood
murder at the fleetwood

The Murder Mystery Weekend at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel is thrown into chaos when Martin Protheroe is murdered.

Detective Inspector Winwood soon realises that many of the guests but not the deceased are members of the Rutherford Operatic And Dramatic Society (ROADS) and they all have solid alibis for the time of death.

Then Detective Constable Emma Porter discovers that Protheroe and Brian Stirling a member of ROADS, had switched rooms and maybe Protheroe was not the intended victim.


As the interviews continue Winwood discovers that going to Murder Mystery Weekends provides a perfect cover for the amateur actors to indulge their sexual fantasies in a round of room and partner swapping.

It appears that with so many people on the move between floors and the hotel annexe no one has the perfect alibi at all.

Emma is sent undercover and auditions for the chorus in ROADS’ upcoming production of South Pacific.

She attends the Fleetwood Arms Hotel’s Treasure Island themed weekend as the guest of Brian Stirling and finds herself sat on the same table where another actor suffers a fatal allergic reaction.

Winwood continues to dig into the lives and loves of ROADS and pieces together the killer’s motive and identity.

Format: eBook

Price: US$2.99

Published: 3 June 2015

Publisher: Smashwords

ISBN: 9781310524332

Genre(s): Fiction/Humorous / Black Humor; Fiction/Mystery & Detective / Traditional

Pages: 165

This is part of the Inspector Winwood Murder series.

For background on Rutherford and D.I Winwood see here.

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