The Tunnels of Hertford

The Tunnels of HertfordOn 8th October 2004 the Hertfordshire Mercury reported that a secret labyrinth of tunnels existed under the streets of the small, English town of Hertford.

It went on to claim that modern day descendants of the Knights Templar still met in underground chambers

This is how the story was published.

“We are now prepared to reveal a secret we feel the people of Hertford should be made aware of. There is an extensive labyrinth right under their feet. We are talking here about a largely unknown, indeed mostly secret, ancient underground network that stretches beneath the town’s main streets.”

Hertford became the centre of media attention; film crews from around the world descended on the small county town to film this network of underground tunnels. They were disappointed; they were met by rebuffs from town officials, historians and community groups. The tunnels were never filmed if indeed they ever existed.

The evidence for and against the existence of tunnels is set in this book; and will interest anyone with an interest in secret societies from the Knights Templar to modern day Freemasons. In doing so this book offers a short history of the town from the days when it was a Norman stronghold; and a tourist guide for anyone wanting to spend a day exploring its rich architectural heritage, historic pubs and modern bars..

This second and revised version includes new research material, extra photos and two completely new chapters. One covers the persecution and eradication of the Knights Templar in Great Britain. The other offers a final solution as to the origin, the building and the reason for the disappearance of the tunnel network.

A very brief resume of the book covering all the main points with some photographs is available to read on this site – The Tunnels of Hertford  – and links to purchase the book are to be found below.

Format: eBook

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Published: 21 July 2011

Publisher: Smashwords

ISBN: 9781465923257

Genre(s): History/Great Britain/General; Social Science/ Freemasonry & Secret Societies

Pages: 66

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