The Cricket Club Murders

The cricket club murders
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The first victim is a well respected local teacher, found murdered at the local cricket club with a sharpened cricket stump through his heart.

DI Winwood quickly dismisses any connection that this could have with a vampire slaying.

He is forced to reconsider this idea when a second, female victim is found at the club having been drugged with a silver bullet cocktail and then strangled. Winwood does not believe in werewolves either.

His investigations lead to a clerk at the local Bank and a successful computer software developer.

Then the Bank Manager is found dead poisoned by a meal heavily disguised with garlic and the vampire theory begins to get a firmer grip on everyone’s imagination.

Suspicions fall on the Bank clerk who has gone missing at the same time that a large amount also goes missing form the account of the software developer.

The link between the murders apart from being a member of, or being found at the cricket club is the letter ‘C’. Brian Bennett the editor of the Rutherford Echo has another theory based on the Happy Families card game. Winwood is unimpressed but he is running out of time to solve these murders before being replaced by the Area Team.

Then a fourth body is found who was certainly not what they appeared.