Seven Days in May

Seven days in May
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ISBN: 9781311858146
Pages: 161
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ISBN: 9781311858146
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The Rutherford MP is forced to resign in the wake of revelations about his private sex life after being found in a compromising situation in the Fleetwood Arms Hotel by the local reporter.

A by-election has to called. Along with the rest of the local team Detective Inspector Steve Winwood’s leave is cancelled to assist in the security operation following a death threat against the Prime Minister who is due to visit Rutherford during the election campaign.

Winwood's right hand man Detective Sergeant Archie Tibble and Inspector Ruth Coleman from a unspecified Government agency are sent undercover to watch for any suspicious activity in the town. They are booked into a double room at the Fleetwood and despite their professionalism and difference in rank, friendship slowly blossoms into romance.

Les Wade a reclusive ex-pop star is found murdered by a single bullet to his head at his home. Winwood has to investigate this without the assistance of Tibble and finds an unlikely source of support from a man he meets in the bar of the Fleetwood Arms Hotel who has come back from Italy to spend the last few days of his life in England.

A thirty year old murder case surfaces with the investigation into Les Wade's killing and the past and the present begin to merge as old secrets surface.

Caution: explicit sexual content from the beginning.