Murder at the Fleetwood

murder at the fleetwood
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The guests were all in bed after enjoying the evening introduction to the Murder Mystery Weekend at the Fleetwood Arms Hotel when one of their number is found murdered by a blow to the head.

The victim is identified as Martin Protheroe a freelance location manager. He was not booked in for the Murder Mystery Weekend but staying on the invitation of the management.

The case deepens when it is discovered that he had swapped rooms with another guest.

The list of suspects gets narrowed down to a party from the local amateur dramatic group, the Rutherford Operatic And Dramatic Society, or ROADS. They all have solid alibis for the time of the murder. However as the questioning widens it seems that although they were in bed as they said they were, not all were in the same room as the person that they had booked in with.

Discovering that the Club outing is a cover for a swingers weekend Winwood sends Constable Emma Porter undercover to audition for the chorus in the ROADS upcoming production of South Pacific.

By the time Emma has begun rehearsals Winwood has found the reason for Protheroe being at the hotel and the various room swapping that occurred, but no-one claims to have been in the company of the victim.

Emma is escorted to the hotel's Treasure Island theme night by the local estate agent and male lead Brian Stirling where she hopes to pick up on more gossip about who likes who in the Club. At the end of the meal another Club member dies in unusual circumstances and Winwood has to start all over again.