Best of British, by John Barber



Saturday morning pictures and the fabulous cinemas in which we went to see them.


Pre-decimal coinage

How the old British coins entered the language as slang and terminology.


Beer mats

The decline of the beer mat and its many uses and as a hobby for collectors.



The game that was invented by the British but who failed to win a World championship.


Three Men in a Boat

The classic English story of three men’s boat trip along the River Thames.


Seaside holidays

The British love of holidays at the seaside and the rise of the saucy postcard.


The Mousetrap

The longest running British theatrical show that is now a tourist ‘must’.


Billy Bunter

The fat owl of the remove at Greyfriars school: ‘Yarooh, I say chaps’.


The cricket test

Norman Tebbitt and British citizenship awarded by the cricket team you support.


Desperate Dan

The story of the Dandy, Desperate Dan, Katy and Aunt Aggie, cow pie and much more


The love of the British for a cup of tea and the lady who found a tea leaf in her garden.



How licensing took the fun out of sex, gambling and after hours drinking.


Gladys Leap

A map reference by Ordnance Survey where a post lady leaped over a stream.


The Halifax gibbet

An earlier version of the guillotine that was used to dispense a kind of social justice.


The Private Shop

A very English compromise to allow a sex shop to open in the town of Gloucester.


The Ffestiniog Railway

The closure of the only place in Wales where you could get an alcoholic drink on Sundays.



A radio show phone in to find the UK’s most boring town.



The traditional British Sunday as it used to be when licensing hours were extremely limited.


The best of British

A German tourist who noted that the British thought they had the best of everything.